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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
What exactly would it take...

For a blog with, oh, let's say a readership of eh - 36, and about 75 - 100 unique page views a day to get a stand alone link on a blog that had a readership of, oh, maybe twenty eight thousand and eight hundred and eighty four subscribed readers? Give or take a few.

Well, let's find out.

First, and everybody say "duh" together - you'll need to link to them. Like so. Make sure you make the link really visible, that's important.

Next - and please realize, this might not happen overnight, it could take you a really long, long time to ever get noticed by this guy that you want to notice you, whoever it may be, and shoot - it might never happen. But let's not think about that. Stay positive, move forward, implement a plan.

Third. Wait, sorry - I never finished Next. Next - try leaving a comment or two or one hundred on their blog.

Third. Again. Number Three. Write a review of that guy's blog. (flattery might work best - nobody wants to admit it, but we all like a little ass kissing when it comes down to it) or some kind of silly post that focuses on them and what they mean to you and how you look up to them and well, ok, let's be honest - you just think it would be cool to make it on his front page. It's kind of like being the guy who catches the home run ball. You're probably going to be on ESPN for at least, oh 2 seconds. Maybe longer if you fall down or something while doing it. People like spills.

Ok maybe catching the home run is a bad example because really that's simply an accident or just dumb luck. No, this takes planning. To accomplish this task you're really going to have to plan it out. Like this guy:

Fourth. And four is important. Ask for favors. But be prepared and willing to do a lot of back scratching in return. Who can you ask? Maybe your readers? Moo knows? I don't know - maybe one of the blogs that you read religiously and are a big silly fan of and plug every chance you get. Everybody click here please:
(don't ever 'blink' stuff on your site - it's sorta tacky)

We know you crazy milk producing moo cows are fans of blogosphere experiments based on your recent faked legal actions/prank/linkbait. Nice one by the way.

Somehow you have to work your way up to the big one - and the problem with shooting for such a big one is that a guy like that just might not have the time to notice the big old link you put up just for him in bright lights:

He might be kind of busy.


If the people sitting a few rungs above you could give you a hand - it actually might be possible. Who knows. Promise them lots of future promotion. Promise them your first born, no, wait - don't do that. Promise them lots of good karma in the next life. Promise them you'll become a huge advocate to ban cow tipping.

I'd promise at least two (count em, two!) milk drinkers a day for the rest of my blogging life. Forget that - promises shromises. I guarantee, yes you heard it, guarantee. 2. Readers. Every. Single. Day. From my blog to yours.

Wow. Let's catch our breath and digest that for a minute.


Don't forget your readers. Promise your readers plenty of good content - you wouldn't want to waste any new found fame or whatever something like that brings you. 15 minutes maybe.

We've all heard the following:
Lie. Cheat. Beg. Steal. Ok, not the first two. Yes on the third, no on the fourth.

Like so:

Please Please Please!

It's ok because if it doesn't work, nobody's going to remember - hopefully.

I mean - you wouldn't want to be that guy would you? That one guy that tried to do that but then didn't and now everybody just kind of looks at you funny guy. No, not that guy.

I don't know. Maybe Darren likes cute dog pictures. It can't hurt right? I mean, a dog wearing a derby with a mustache smoking a pipe......?


It's worth a shot right? I mean what's the worst that could happen? You could lose your internet privileges. Perhaps.

You could also stop the Earth from being slowly pulled towards the sun which is causing all sorts of problems, including the shortening of the terrestrial year. I don't know exactly how that's a problem, but it is. Really.

So like I said - you have to do what you have to do to get your piece, your slice of well... at least let's try not to be cliche.

Does a tree falling in the...ok, sorry. Stay positive.

Remember to give one hundred and...Yes. I'm sure you get the picture.

What were we doing? Oh yeah - the Thirty Day Challenge and niche markets. How could I forget?

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posted by HarpersDad @ 4:30 AM  
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