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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Create A Passive Income With CafePress
One of the greatest things about working online is that there are a lot of ways that you can generate a passive income. A passive income is an income that you receive without having to work continuously. It's received for work that's already been done - a residual income.

My largest passive income right now is being generated by my online t-shirt shop hosted by CafePress. It's called A Pair and A Draw - it's theme is poker related shirts and gear.

I started that Cafe Press shop back in April of 2006. I'd say I put in about 3 weeks of work, designing shirts and setting up the shop. A few hours a day here and there. Since that time I've done very little besides the occasional addition of a new shirt. I did some promotion of the shop on places like MySpace or other social bookmarking sites, and submitted my designs to different sites that ranked t-shirts. But really, I did very little promotion of the shop compared to what I probably could do. I did make sure that all of the products I had in the shop had detailed descriptions - hoping that the search engines would pick up some of the keywords in the descriptions to drive traffic that way.

It didn't take long for me to make my first sale - a few days after I opened the shop I logged in and noticed that I had sold a shirt. I made 4 bucks on that first sale (on average - I make about 6 dollars per item sold). For the first few months I made a few sales each month, but things really picked up towards the end of the year. During the months of November and December I made over 200 dollars in commission each month. After the holidays, things slowed back down - but not too much. I regularly averaged $100 a month after that. This month - July of 2007 - I've already hit $160 dollars with about a week left in the month. So hopefully by the time the holidays arrive this year - I'm going to put last years numbers way down on the list.

Now the great thing is that - most of the income I've made is from one design. I'd say about 90% of my sales each month are from this one shirt.

I sell a few other designs each month - but if it weren't for this shirt, I wouldn't be making the checks that I am. It's nice when on the 16th of each month I get the mail and have a hundred extra dollars there for something I worked on a year ago.

Now that my checks are regular - I'm thinking about ways to increase my monthly check. I figure if I put in a few more hours of work - I should be able to increase those monthly checks without too much effort. Here's two things I plan on doing immediately:

- Increase the number of designs in the shop.
That's the only way I might hit some lucky popular design that does the same
as my current bestseller.

- Promotion.
I haven't done much in this department so far - who knows what this could add
to the checks. I started a new blog to promote my shirts as well as other ones that I like. ChewingGlass Tees.

What's really great about this is that I like to think of myself as creative - but I'm not a designer, but I'm able to make a nice passive income from CafePress. There are a ton of really talented designers that have some really great products. And there are a ton of really talented designers that are making a great income from CafePress. I've read in various articles and forums of people making six figures on CafePress. I don't know if it's true - but I do know that it's probably possible. Again - look at what I've done without trying too hard and think about what other people have done.

If you've ever thought of a funny t-shirt idea - here's your chance to make it a reality without any upfront costs. Who knows - maybe it'll make you some spare pocket change or maybe you'll be able to retire off of it :-)

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posted by HarpersDad @ 1:50 AM  
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