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Saturday, August 4, 2007
Associated Content and how to apply it to the 30 Day Challenge
Here's what Angel had to say on my previous post about Associated Content:

Seems like a lot of work for little return. If you have serious articles, why not submit them to magazines?

Yes - I agree with you. It probably is a lot of work for what you receive back monetarily. But, there are a lot of ways that you can use Associated Content that will benefit you in other ways and increase the return you receive.

For example (for all the 30 Day Challenge participants reading): use articles on Associated Content to help launch a niche site. How do you do that? Well, to use Ed's favorite example again - let's say you want to develop a site on sausage making.

We've been told that the narrower your topic is for your niche, the more likely you'll find success. This is true on Associated Content as well. If you establish yourself as an "expert" on a certain topic like sausage making by writing a lot of articles, you're going to have more of your articles published, as well as less competition for searches looking for that topic.

So you develop your site on sausage making.

As you develop it, you write 6 - 8 (or more!) articles on sausage making.
  • The History of Sausage in the New World
  • Sausage makers in San Antonio, Texas
  • How to make a Summer Sausage
  • Sausage and Cheese: A primer
  • I fell in love with a sausage maker
  • Annual Sausage making conference lands in Grand Forks, ND.
  • Sausage Making: Not a pretty picture
Important: Place a link to your site in your article. Duh!

Associated Content publishes the articles and you get 30 or 40 bucks deposited straight into paypal. Now, let's say you had some startup costs for your niche site on sausage making. A domain name, hosting, etc. The money from the articles more than covers that cost.

So - you get paid up front for the articles, plus you potentially drive more people that are interested in sausage making to your sausage making website where they purchase the Sausage Maker 2.0 Deluxe. In reality, your article that took 20 minutes to write has paid you on the back end as well.

I agree - if you're writing serious articles, why not submit to magazines. Well, like you said - serious is the key word. I spend 20 minutes on article. Not exactly what I consider serious.

I'm using Associated Content as one of many marketing tools and a way to make a few bucks on something that most places are not going to pay me for. Another way to use this tool - if you do want to submit to magazines - is as a sample portfolio. It's easy to point people to your Content Producer page (here's mine) so they can get an idea of your capabilities. It is in no way a complete portfolio for me, but it works if somebody wants something quick and easily accessible. They can always request to see more if it sparks their interest.

You can always use these articles as a springboard for larger projects. One thing about writing is that the more you do it - the easier it becomes. I try to make sure that everyday I post to my blog, I write a few articles for Associated Content, and I read as much as I can. If you keep up a routine it makes things like writer's block a problem you won't have much trouble with.

You can check out Angel's blog here. It's one of my regular reads - I try to read it everyday and he always has thoughtful and well written posts.

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