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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
The 30 Minute Challenge
In the spirit of the 30 Day Challenge, I've decided to run my own challenge here.

The 30 Minute Challenge

The Goal: To go from making $0 dollars online to $3 dollars in 30 minutes.

What's it cost? Nothing silly. Duh. It would suck to have to invest $5 dollars to make $3. That leaves you with negative 2.

What do I need? Well, 30 minutes, oh...and a keyboard. And a PayPal account if you want to be paid.

The Process

1. Sign up at Associated Content.

No. It doesn't cost you anything. By signing up you are just basically registering as a Content Producer (Writer). You can view the Associated Content FAQ. Basically - AC pays you to write and article for them. They're able to do this because they publish your article and make money from the advertisements with the article. Here's an example of one of my articles: Free Vegas: Sin City on a Budget. That's actually my first article I wrote and I made $7 bucks for it. So why $3 only? Because that's the lowest payment I've received for an article. I average about $4.75 per article.

Join Associated Content

Here's a screenshot of my payments I've received.

2. Submit an Article.

Write about something you know a lot about. Something you are passionate about. Maybe a hobby or something you enjoy doing. You can write about anything - but think of it like building niche sites on the web - the narrower the better. This is because AC is basically building a library of information, so if you write about something that they don't have a lot of, you'll receive a higher offer than for something they have a lot of content on. Or. Or, try to put a unique spin on something. Perhaps you have a how to guide for something. Really, you can write about anything. If you need some more ideas, browse around the site and get a feel for what's on there.

I spend about 20 minutes writing an article. Do what's comfortable for you. Longer if you need it, or shorter if you think can whip it out quickly. Just remember, you're going to make a few bucks on this, but don't spend 6 hours trying to write an article - because you might be trying to hard. Remember, this should be an easy process - I'm thinking 30 minutes max. A quick exercise in quality article production in a timely manner.

3. Leave a comment here that you're taking part in the challenge and I'll list the participants with links at the end of this post.

After you write the article it takes AC 2 to 4 days to review it and come back at you with an offer. You can accept or not if you think you can get more someplace else. My thoughts are take the money - AC pays more than most places available like this. A day after you accept the offer, the money will show up in your PayPal Account. It's that easy. In the meantime, leave a link here in the comments that you're taking part - I'd like to link to all the articles written once they're published (they do have a page view bonus on how many times your article is read which means you could potentially make a lot more than the initial 3 - 7 dollars).

Oh yeah - and after you submit your article, don't publish it anywhere else like your blog - because AC does search to make sure it's original content and not taken from someplace else. After it is published you can post it on your blog or wherever (just submit it as non-exlusive, that's what I do).

4. Good Luck!

And if you have any questions about Associated Content please leave a comment and I'll answer as best I can.

Join Associated Content

Thirty Minute Challenge Participants

Participant #1 - Paul Hughes of Team Xtreme of the 30DC

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posted by HarpersDad @ 10:39 PM  
  • At August 2, 2007 at 1:54 AM, Blogger Sutocu said…

    I'd have joined, but unfortunately they don't seem to allow international writers...

  • At August 2, 2007 at 2:35 AM, Blogger HarpersDad said…

    Oh that sucks. Thanks for letting us know - perhaps you've saved another international blogger from future heartbreak.

  • At August 4, 2007 at 4:16 PM, Blogger ApaulO Agrinaut said…

    does that make me the 1st?

    hell yeah, you rock harpersdad.

    i was thinking of 30HC(hour challenge), but this is total ATC (Advance The Concept).

    i'm macdaddy... facebook is
    or paul hughes
    with the indie member based 30DC Team Xtreme Open Concept
    and dual membership with Supersize My Socialize, ready to go in about T-30 minutes... boy needs a quick bath...


  • At August 5, 2007 at 2:44 AM, Blogger HarpersDad said…

    Paul - what happened to you? You dissappeared/were erased off of facebook and your group - and the link on your comment says the profile was deleted...

    hmmm...a mystery...

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